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How to prevent corrosion during sheet metal processing

How to prevent corrosion during sheet metal processing

Jul 04, 2020

The sheet metal processing plant expresses that there are some problems after the sheet metal chassis is manufactured. When co-shock is caused during the operation process, dust in the gas will cause necessary damage to the sheet metal chassis, so how to improve and prevent this problem What?

Sheet metal processing first looks at how the surface of the sheet metal chassis responds to co-shock? The sheet metal chassis will generate necessary vibrations during the whole process of operation, and long-term co-shock will cause necessary damage to mechanical equipment. Therefore, to deal with earthquake disasters, it will be necessary to make sheet metal processing shock absorber equipment, and there is basically no resonance phenomenon in the 1 o ~ 3000 hz expansion range of machine equipment. Although there is an arc peak of about 150hz, the sheet metal cabinet has a co-seismic expansion. But the time is short, and the low-pass rate drops quickly and the hazards are put on the iron shelf. The cabinet still needs to be inspected for cracks and other problems after the original factory, and the connection must not be loosened. After improving the overall planning of the server cabinet, effective vibration reduction system software was selected, and experimental certification was carried out to make the server cabinet meet the requirements for the use of airborne natural environments. With the scientific research and application of new vibration reduction technology in sheet metal processing, the improvement of dynamic testing technology and the improvement of the level of vibration analysis, the overall vibration reduction planning method will be more colorful and sound.

Basic theory of sheet metal processing: No matter what kind of automobile chassis sheet metal processing, long-term exposure to gas will cause dust, which will be oxidized by air and become less and less bright. Is there a way to deal with this problem? Perhaps how should people maintain the sheet metal box? The effective way to maintain the sheet metal car chassis is to clean it.