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Problems Encountered In Sheet Metal Processing And Solutions

Problems Encountered In Sheet Metal Processing And Solutions

Aug 12, 2020

Various difficult problems and reasons for sheet metal processing and stamping parts processing

1. Burr: The whole process of punching machine or cutting edge does not completely leave corners and surplus materials, and the burr caused by the position under the broken surface of thick steel plate is based on the broken surface, and the aspect ratio of the burr is 0.3mm When left and right, the produced copper powder will destroy the abrasive tool and cause unevenness.

2. The pipe material will be broken or may be wrinkled at the edge: the guide roller of the unwinder line will cause the wrinkle scene caused by the gap of the guide roller on the abrasive tool, because the pipe material is fed into the tenacious balance. Caused.

3. Dragging mark: It is caused by the roller dragging, and most of it is produced when it suddenly terminates or accelerates.

4 Scratches: The key reason for the scratches on the parts is that the sharp scars on the abrasive tools must have metal material dust falling into the abrasive tools. The countermeasures to avoid scratches are to sharpen the scars on the abrasive tools and eliminate the metal Material dust.

4. Concavo-convex: abnormal protrusions or dents on the surface of the material are caused by the infiltration of dirt (iron pins, dust) on the unwinder line.

6. Bottom cracking: The key reason for the cracking of the bottom end of the parts is due to weak plastic deformation of the raw material or too tight extrusion molding of the edging ring of the abrasive tool. The countermeasure to avoid is to replace or replace the raw material with good plastic deformation. Relieve some pressure on the edging ring.

7. Roller print: It is caused by cleaning the roller or the sticking of dirt on the feed roller (produced by a fixed pitch diameter), but under normal circumstances, it is only possible to remove the dirt from the roller on the steel plate.