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Sheet metal processing deburring technology introduction

Sheet metal processing deburring technology introduction

Jul 20, 2020

Sheet metal processing is a processing technology for processing various metal plates. It can be punched, bent, welded and other processes. We always have some burrs during sheet metal processing, and if the sheet metal parts have burrs, they need to be processed. In this way, the quality of the sheet metal parts can be considered qualified, so how to remove the burrs is also a technique. Let's learn about the deburring technology.

There are many types of burrs in sheet metal processing, such as cold cutting burrs, thermal cutting burrs, plasma and flame cutting burrs, so how should we deal with different burrs.

Cold cutting burrs, which are the shear slip and plastic deformation of the crystal grains produced by the sheet metal parts under the action of cutting force, which cause the processed material to be squeezed and torn, resulting in fracture and tension on the surface or joints of the parts. Plastic deformation burrs produced by stretching.

Thermal cutting burr, it is carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, copper, aluminum and other metal materials. After laser cutting, the cutting surface of sheet metal parts will leave sharp cutting edges and traces, but it is very easy to cause human scratches Glitches. If the laser head is not adjusted properly, sharp burrs and slag that are not easy to remove and oxides adhering to the cutting edge area will appear. Using laser cutting to cut carbon steel will also leave a thin and thick oxide scale around the incision, which will affect the quality of the next coating process.

Plasma and flame cutting burrs, the burrs produced will cause human injury and affect the next processing procedures, which will seriously affect the processing quality of sheet metal parts. Therefore, the workpieces after laser, plasma and flame cutting are required to remove slag and burrs And polish the fillet treatment.