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What Are The Sheet Metal Processing Equipment?

What Are The Sheet Metal Processing Equipment?

Aug 10, 2020

What large and medium-sized machinery and equipment are necessary for sheet metal processing? Equipped with the following equipment, basic ability to open small and medium-sized sheet metal processing plants.

1. Mechanical equipment: bending machine, cutting machine, four-roller bending machine, high-speed punching machine.

2. Electric welding equipment: butt welding machine, two-guard welding, argon tungsten arc welding.

3. Laser cutting equipment: grinding wheel cutting machine, polishing machine, gas plasma cutting.

4. Other equipment: air compressor, bench drill, polisher, spraying equipment, etc.

So what equipment in people's daily life is processed by sheet metal? For example: sheet metal processing of air conditioner outdoor enclosures, sheet metal processing of metal waste bins, laser cutting of sheet metal parts of car shells, laser cutting of metal materials of electrical cabinets, gate control boxes, sheet metal processing of self-service terminal shells, Outdoor switch box sheet metal processing, mechanical equipment shell sheet metal processing, environmental protection equipment shell production and processing, office equipment metal material storage cabinet sheet metal processing.