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What Is The Sheet Metal Processing Process?

What Is The Sheet Metal Processing Process?

Aug 06, 2020

Sheet metal processing includes traditional laser cutting and blanking, cold stamping production processing, bending and pressing forming and other methods and main parameters of processing technology, as well as various cold stamping die structure and processing technology main parameters, and various machines The equipment principle and control method also include new stamping die technology and new technology and new technology.

1. Cutting: There are various cutting methods, the key is the following types of methods, each is a shearing machine, high-speed punching machine, CNC machine tool cutting, laser laser cutting, CNC sawing machine;

2. Milling: countersinking, tapping, reaming, and rotating;

3. Pressing groove: also called pumping hole and turning hole, which means that a larger hole is formed on a smaller base hole and then tapped;

4. Pressure riveting: The key is pressure riveting nuts, screws, and loosening, etc., which are operated according to hydraulic pressure riveting machine or high-speed punching machine;

5. Sheet metal bending: Sheet metal bending means stacking 2D tablet computer parts into 3D parts.

6. Electric welding: the distance between the nucleus and molecular structure of the raw material to be welded and the lattice constant of Jingda is integrated