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All processes of sheet metal processing

All processes of sheet metal processing

Jul 12, 2020

Sheet metal processing is a kind of processing technology for cold processing of metal sheets, including shearing, punching, cutting, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming and other processes. This kind of processing technology is characterized by fast speed, low cost, high strength, mass production, and high precision of processed sheet metal parts.

Shears for sheet metal processing are to cut thin metal plates into the required shapes. This process has average accuracy and cutting will have burrs, but its processing cost is low. The cutting process needs to calculate the unfolded size of the part. The unfolded size is related to the bending radius, bending angle, sheet material, thickness, etc.

Punching is a stamping process in the sheet metal processing technology, which is to further process the cut material into shape. There are many kinds of tools needed for stamping. Common grinding has round holes, long round holes, bosses, and the punching process has high processing accuracy. The processed sheet parts are beautiful.

Cutting is laser cutting. It can remove materials that cannot be completed in the shearing and punching process, or when the hardness of the plate is easy to damage the abrasive tool, such as rounded corners, or there is no ready-made abrasive tool to punch into the required shape. Laser cutting is used to complete the forming of the material before bending. This processing method has high precision, no burrs, and can cut any graphics.