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What are the advantages of sheet metal processing

What are the advantages of sheet metal processing

Jul 11, 2020

Sheet metal processing is used in the processing of various hardware products, and the use of this processing method naturally has its advantages. It can process all kinds of small parts, and can be processed in batches, and the price is more reasonable. Both in terms of quality and price have advantages.

Sheet metal processing includes cutting, deburring, bending, spraying and other processing techniques. Each process is completed by a machine, which greatly improves the processing speed and improves the processing quality. Take the cutting material for example, it uses Lou-controlled punches, laser machines, shears, etc. All of which use positioning fixtures to achieve automation. These equipments have set the origin and X, Y coordinates before leaving the factory. Take the CNC punching machine to explain and enumerate the advantages of sheet metal processing. The numerical control operation is also simple and convenient, which is more advantageous for workpieces with a little more complicated shape, but the thickness must be within the processing range. After the program is programmed, the board can be placed to automatically complete the cutting process. In addition to a certain amount of investment in the early stage, the later stage has a low investment cost, which can help enterprises improve economic benefits. The second is the quality of finished products. The quality of the punching processing department is very good, not only the punching parts have high precision and good flatness, which can make the product consistent. Furthermore, the production efficiency of CNC punch press is high. Digital punching can realize mass production of parts, and the production speed is fast. CNC sheet metal processing is not only fast and good in quality, but also has diversified processing methods, such as single punching, continuous punching, and array punching.