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Aluminum ute canopy

Aluminum ute canopy

Jun 07, 2021

1、 Current aluminum ute canopy using situation

An aluminum ute canopy is a versatile load space – in it, you can transport tools (big and small), toolboxes, safety gear, your dogs and much more. A well-designed and -fabricated aluminum ute canopy will stop a lot lot of dust, dirt and water. An aluminum ute canopy alloy is lighter (so less of an impact on your ute’s fuel economy and load-carrying capacity than a heavier canopy), it requires less in the way of maintenance and it’s very robust with a high abrasive-resistance. It can be specifically tailored and accessories to suit work and leisure purposes, incorporating any number of features such as shelving, drawers, tool boxes and trays, or even fridge slides for camping trips and more.

The canopy is easily mounted on truck bed with simply tools, which is very popular in Australian and New Zealand market. People buy or customize canopy of different styles or sizes that are compatible with their ute and pickup trucks. In outdoor activities, such as camping, long and short trips, canopy can replace part of the functions of RVs to a certain extent. Users can save money on purchasing RVs, make their pickups more comprehensive and complete, and play a greater role in work and life.


2、Aluminum ute canopy category

Depending on the different material,we can classify it by flat alloy plate、aluminum checker plate and diamond checker plate. Their thickness are different. Corresponding to different pickup truck compartments or usage requirements, aluminum ute canopy is divided into two or three doors, and the surface is sprayed or untreated. According to customer preferences, merchants can provide customers with different colors of canopy. At the same time, in order for canopy to provide customers with more usage scenarios, more and more canopy accessories are available for purchase.

1. Material thickness

The thickness of flat alloy plate is usually 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0 mm. The thickness of the checker plate is divided into two parts, the first part is the base thickness, 1.6mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm; the second part is the thickness of the pattern on the surface of the aluminum plate, 0.8mm. Because the thickness of the material is different, the corresponding self-weight and load-bearing capacity of canopy are also different.

(1). flat alloy plate



 (2). checker plate

image 3


Different materials have different prices, Australia clients like checker plate canopy and flat aluminum plate, further more, diamond tread checker plate is popular in US, Consumers can choose according to their preferences and actual usage. Refer to the picture above, we can also clearly see the difference between the appearance of the two-doors and three-doors.

2. Dimension

In order to adapt to different types of trucks and pickups, canopy is produced in different sizes. Manufacturers can also provide custom size services for merchants and consumers. Next, I will introduce the conventional canopy size for your reference.

Common canopy size is :1800(L) x 1780(W) x 860 (H)MM

2100(L) x 1780(W) x 860 (H)MM

2400(L) x 1780(W) x 860 (H)MM


1. Surface Treatment

  Currently there are primary colors, white and black for users to choose. Merchants can provide users with external spraying services. UV resistant powder coating and water-repellent treatment make canopy more resistant to oxidation and enhance durability. The treatment of plating, polishing, anodizing, mirror etc makes the surface of canopy more beautiful. It features high quality whale tail locks to ensure the safety of your stuffs all the time.


2. Internal processing

After being fully welded and reinforced with 40x40x2.0mm ribs, the overall structure is strengthened to make the entire toolbox more robust and durable. The soft seal rubber on the door can effectively keep dust and water out, gas struts and stainless steel piano hinge for easy opening and closing.



Through laser cutting, CNC bending, embossing, welding, milling, machining, canopy is produced, users can also choose accessories according to their needs.


Merchants provide users with a variety of accessories, hoping that the combination of canopy and accessories can provide users with more usage scenarios and a better sense of use

(1). Dog boxes


(2). Jack off legs



(3). Ute Canopy Latch


(4). Jerry Can Holder



(5). Folding Ladder




An aluminum canopy have different dimension, material, color and accessories to match, so it can meet various customer’s custom demand. And we also can accept OEM /ODM service, we have productive and experienced engineering dept to offer best solution for u. Welcome you to contact us for further discussing, we can offer products e-catalog, waterproof test video, engineering drawing etc.