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Sheet metal processing skills

Sheet metal processing skills

Jul 17, 2020

Sheet metal processing is now an important process technology for various metal processing. Sheet metal processing includes various procedures. Many metal bending and punching are made by sheet metal processing technology. However, to process sheet metal parts well, a certain amount of technology is required. For materials of different thicknesses everywhere, you need to master a certain amount of processing technology. There is also bending. Different types of bending have different bending skills. It's not the same, today is to tell you the processing skills of thick plates.

In sheet metal processing, the processing of thick plates often encounters problems such as broken molds, poor stripping, melting of the blade, and excessive wear. Then you need to deal with different problems.

Solution: Increase the rigidity of the mold. Method: Increase the punch station and use a guide bush with good orientation.

Increase mold wear resistance, method: use air blow molds, use APH and other anti-wear materials,

To reduce stress concentration, method: appropriately increase the gap and round the sharp corners. The sharp corners of the punches with sharp corners have the most concentrated stress, so the sharp corners are worn first, and the sharp corners of the punches are rounded to reduce stress concentration and extend the wear of the buffer head.

Program to protect the mold, method: use MO8 and MO9, reduce the punching speed, arrange the knife details