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Working principle of sheet metal processing equipment

Working principle of sheet metal processing equipment

Jul 16, 2020

The sheet metal processing technology includes multiple processes, including blanking, forming, welding, etc., each process is completed by different processing equipment. The following materials will be blanked by CNC machine tools, and the forming will be bent or formed. For forming and welding, co2 welding, AR arc welding, resistance welding, etc. will be used. Each process uses different processing techniques and equipment, so what is the working principle of these equipment, let us understand.

The working principle of the CNC punching machine, the upper and lower molds are fixed, the movement of the worktable drives the plate to move to punch the plate, and the required workpiece shape is processed. During the punching process, the cross section of the plate can be roughly divided into the following four layers, and the R angle is smooth. The thickness of the cracked surface and the burr surface can be cut up to 4mm. If the CNC lathe is used to add, the number of degrees is high and the processing is flexible. But it will be limited by the mold.

There are many types of CNC lathes for sheet metal, including TRUMPF series, FINN-POWER series, TAILIFT series, AMADA series, etc. The working principle of the laser machine is to use the energy of the photons in the concave-convex mirror to focus the laser generator to melt the metal material, and then use the high-pressure protective gas N2 or O2 to blow off the melting part for processing. The maximum plate can be processed to 20mm in the sun. This kind of processing is characterized by high precision, flexible processing, and not limited by molds. The disadvantage is that it is low in efficiency and high in processing costs.

The bending process in sheet metal processing is completed by using a folding bed. This type of folding bed uses the upper and lower worktables of the press to fix the upper and lower molds respectively, and uses the servo motor to transmit and drive the relative movement of the worktable. Combined with the shape of the upper and lower molds, the sheet can be bent and formed. Bending forming equipment mainly includes AMADA series, YITAI series, GASPARINI series, PAS series, etc.