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The benefits of ute canopy

The benefits of ute canopy

Mar 01, 2022

photobank (15)_Choosing the right ute headliner can not only add functionality to your pickup, it can also improve the overall look of your car. More space for extra protection from inclement weather.

Light weight and with strong structure

1.Ute tray frame, headboard and tailboard are made of 3mm aluminium profiles and sheets as aluminium is very light, strong, durable and highly corrosion resistant, suitable for outdoor camping.the bottom floor is 3mm thick aluminum checker plate, the chassis is made of mild steel and galvanized steel, and the base is fully TIG welded.

2. The exterior is reinforced with multiple reinforcing ribs to improve the bearing capacity and safety.

3. Current ute canopy weight is about 70kgs to 140kgs according to different length from 700mm to 2400mm ,it only occupy 40% weight comparing to GI or steel canopy .


Space saving with complete accessories and extra function

1.These trays can also be matched with ute accessories, such as ute roof, taillights, water tank, dog box, tool box, fenders, under-vehicle tool box and other ute accessories.It will help us to make full use of pickup truck or ute space.

photobank (1)__


2. ute canopy with roof rack rack basket, especially if you usually carry heavy loads when traveling or camping. The luggage rack is easy to install and remove for storing external equipment and luggage without taking up space inside the large aluminum cabinet, increasing the storage space of the vehicle.

3.It is equipped with a heavy-duty tool box at the bottom of the vehicle to increase the storage space and can store very large and long tools.

4.If you choose a lift off ute canopies ,you can use our jack of legs to lift off your canopy when you need ,so that you can release your pickup or truck and do something you need urgently


Safetyphotobank (10)

1. Whale tail handle lock is the most popular lock for ute canopy ,trailer ,toolbox or caravan in photobank (10)Oceania 

market for its’ good appearance and safety, and you also can choose electric motors driving or not, both 12v and 24v are available ,chrome and zinc alloy surface are for your reference. It keeps your belongings relatively safe and secure. It protects your belongings from theft, bad elements and damage.

2. Smart design for canopy inner structure which is made of high quality and strength RHS by TIG welding ,so that it can be transported and lifted by heavy loading capacity , the soft sealing rubber on the door can 
imageeffectively prevent dust and water from entering, and the air pressure rod makes the switch more convenient.

3. Polyester UV resistant coating can protect canopy surface well and avoid fast rusting and color fading ,as we already made salt spray test considering Oceania special weather .



Custom service will take you more surprise in design ,color ,dimension

1photobank (2)Currently We have ute canopy with related accessories(dog box ,fridge slide ,cooking drawer unit ,jerry can holder and spare tire holder),pantry in the canopy ,canopy with tray(including sides ,side box ,mud guard),under tray trundle ,which is convenient for camping with pets or hunting dogs . 

2. Our experienced engineering team can offer lots of custom design according to 

customer’s demand ,so different function design , color ,dimension ,extra accessories are no problem ,and we can 

delivery drawing to you to confirm within 48 hours.


photobank (12)       

3. ute canopy with 2 or 3 doors. So you don't need to go in to get whatever you need. You can simply reach through these 2 or 3 doors, so it is very convenient to use.