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Fire Safety Knowledge Training

Fire Safety Knowledge Training

May 23, 2022

Human life is precious, life is only once, and life is above everything else. Fires, traffic accidents, drowning, etc. can take people's only life.


In order to do a better job in the company's safety work, let all employees master certain firefighting common sense and skills such as fire fighting, evacuation and escape, and improve the safety awareness of all employees to ensure the safety of company personnel and property.


On May 9, our company invited the person in charge of the fire brigade's publicity team to give us a fire protection knowledge training, mainly to learn fire theory knowledge and training fire skills.



The speaker said that most of the people who died in the fire died of ignorance, not knowing how to escape. In order to reduce the number of deaths in disasters, you should always pay attention to your environment, be familiar with escape routes, equip yourself with some necessary fire-fighting equipment, and cultivate your awareness of danger. Only in this way will the possibility of surviving increase.


The speaker introduced that when a fire breaks out, it often spreads in a few minutes or even dozens of seconds and emits thick smoke. The thick smoke contains a lot of harmful gases, and 60% of the deaths in the fire are suffocation. Therefore, people must not only have the Some necessary escape knowledge, but also some necessary equipment, such as: installing smoke detectors at home, installing gas leakers in the kitchen, necessary smoke filter masks, fire extinguishers, only in this way can we deal with the disasters faced by modern cities.




However, most people don't know much about such equipment and knowledge; I don't talk about others, just talk about myself, firefighting is taught every year, I understand some common sense, but I can't escape safely when I encounter it. . Most people subconsciously think that such things are far away from themselves, and that these things do not need to be kept at home is a waste, but in fact, they do not really pay attention to it in their hearts.


The speaker showed us five or six cruel case videos, a group of astronomical data exchanged for huge property losses and countless casualties caused by fire accidents. The people who attended the lecture were deeply shocked. Only then did they realize that the danger was so close to us, and that we were so ignorant of the knowledge of fire safety.




Fire is cruel, but it is preventable. As long as we have a high degree of awareness in our thinking and implement it in action, we can effectively prevent fires. While doing a good job in fire prevention, it is also necessary to strengthen the study of popularizing fire fighting and self-rescue knowledge, so that the fire can be effectively extinguished or escaped in the first time, and the fire caused personal casualties and property losses to the greatest extent.


There is no more precious wealth than life, and no happiness that lasts longer than safety, so we must strive to achieve "hidden danger is more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai".