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Will sheet metal processing cause harm to the human body?

Will sheet metal processing cause harm to the human body?

Jul 10, 2020

Sheet metal processing plants take sheet metal stamping, sheet metal bending and forming, and welding as the main processes. Some large sheet metal manufacturers will spray paint, spray, and galvanize the sheet metal. Speaking of the harm to the human body, based on the experience of the editor for more than ten years, it can be said that there is basically no. Any industry that does not pay attention to complete protection will be harmful. Let me talk about the safety matters that sheet metal factories need to pay attention to.

Punching machines can be said to be very dangerous. If there is no electrical grating protection, you will hurt your body if you are not careful. CNC punch presses are much safer, and dangerous places are out of human contact. Pay attention to the safety when handling the steel plate and accidental fall of the workpiece, there is no harm.

The CNC bending machine looks dangerous, so the steel plates behind are easy to bend. It is scary to think about it! In fact, there is no danger if there is a master who will teach you safety precautions. Just as the impact of a high-speed car is fatal to people, it is fine to avoid it.