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We Have Started Work

We Have Started Work

Feb 06, 2023

Happy Chinese New Year! The Spring Festival is over and the factory is back to work.We have started work,We came back to work on Jan 30th.Setting off firecracker will take good luck on New Year.


Red color is lucky color for good beginning in China.Hope in the New Year prosperous, to provide you with better quality products and better service.




 The factory has resumed its normal production and the supply is sufficient. If you have urgent needs on certain products, please write to us.We will arrange to produce for you as soon as possible.




As a comprehensive metal sheet fabrication manufacturer, we researched and developed lots of custom metal products, like metal toolboxes, Ute canopies, dog boxes, valet parking podiums, bumper, roll bars, engine skid plate, tonneau cover, metal wall cladding panel etc, mainly used in tools storage, pickup exterior modification, special purpose vehicle fittings and construction industrial.If you need more,please contact us.