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Aluminum UTE Dog Box

Aluminum UTE Dog Box

Nov 11, 2021

一、 Current aluminum ute dog box using situation

An aluminum ute dog box is a car accessory suitable for ute, pickup, truck and large aluminum canopy. Generally made of aluminum, it provides a safe and comfortable place for your pets during camping, hunting and long-distance travel, perfect for a outdoor adventure. Aluminum ute dog box is lighter, it requires less in the way of maintenance and it’s very robust with a high abrasive-resistance.At the same time, it provides enough space for your pets and keeps the dog's breathing unblocked. 

The dog box is easily mounted on UTE tray with simply tools, which is very popular in Australian and New Zealand market. It constructed with high quality aluminum checker plate and aluminum mesh, fully welded, and the whole body is reinforced with ribs, all these make the whole tool box more stronger and durable. The soft seal rubber on the door can effectively keep dust and water out, gas struts for easy opening and closing. It features 2 sets of high quality whale tail locks to ensure the safety of your stuffs all the time. The sharp parts inside the dog cage are carefully polished to ensure that your puppy’s paws and tongue will not scratched.


二、Aluminum ute dog box category

Depending on the different material, we can classify it by flat alloy plate、aluminum checker plate and diamond checker plate dog box, and the surface is sprayed or untreated. According to customer preferences, merchants can provide customers with different colors of dog box. At the same time, more and more ute dog box  accessories are available for purchase, such as all dog box, half dog box and half tool box, optional heavy duty slide on other side of dog box is for fridge or generator.

1. Material thickness

The thickness of flat alloy plate is usually 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0 mm. The thickness of the checker plate is divided into two parts, the first part is the base thickness, 1.6mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm; the second part is the thickness of the pattern on the surface of the aluminum plate, 0.8mm. Because the thickness of the material is different, the corresponding self-weight and load-bearing capacity are also different.

2. Dimension

In order to adapt to different types of trucks and pickups, dog box is produced in different sizes. Manufacturers can also provide custom size services for merchants and consumers. Next, I will introduce the conventional dog box size for your reference.

Common canopy size is :800(L) x 1780(W) x 850 (H)MM

700(L) x 1780(W) x 850 (H)MM

(1) . flat alloy plate


(2). checker plate



 (3). Black surface spray


(4). White surface spray


3. Internal processing

After being fully welded and reinforced with 40x40x2.0mm ribs, the overall structure is strengthened to make the entire dog box more robust and durable. The soft seal rubber on the door can effectively keep dust and water out, gas struts and stainless steel piano hinge for easy opening and closing.



An aluminum dog box have different dimension, material, color and accessories to match, so it can meet various customer’s custom demand. And we also can accept OEM /ODM service, we have productive and experienced engineering dept to offer best solution for u. Welcome you to contact us for further discussing, we can offer products e-catalog, waterproof test video, engineering drawing etc.