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Aluminum UTE Tray

Aluminum UTE Tray

Jul 26, 2021

1、Current aluminum ute tray using situation

Ute tray is a large multi-purpose accessory that is installed on the ute lathe according to the ute model, size or actual use requirements. Compared with standard cars, Utes with trays provide more storage space for trucks, and you can add many accessories to enhance its functions, including toolboxes, ladder frames, drawers and canopies. Ute tray provides excellent flexibility and come in a variety of designs and layouts. It consists of double-height sides and beams, which you can easily install on a truck. The aluminum tray is durable and has perfect durability.

Aluminum UTE Tray

One of the biggest reasons for installing ute trays is their practicality. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, builder or any other businessman, you need a reliable ute with plenty of pallet space. When looking for the best design, you can first create a list of how and what you will use ute. The checklist will help you determine the most suitable pallet, thereby improving practicality.


2、Shopping elements

(1) . Size

The size of your UTE tray is one of the main and most important factors you need to check before choosing a ute tray. It is best to check the size of the most popular and most in-demand UTE tray and ask all the advantages and disadvantages. This is a very important part of buying UTE trays, because there are many different types of trays. Some can be adjusted easily, some cannot be adjusted and cannot adapt to a wide range of chassis and car brands. If you can test the size and function of the tray before buying, then this will be the most feasible.


(2). Weight coefficient

Most buyers ignore this important factor of pallet weight, which should be the second aspect to be checked after the size. Tanghan Metal's ute trays can have a variety of weights, and the weight of the pallet will greatly affect the fuel efficiency of the truck. In addition to the tray, please consider the weight of the tools in order to obtain the total weight of the full load after installing the new UTE tray. This means that the heavier the tray when fully loaded, the lower the fuel economy your vehicle will provide. Therefore, the type, size and shape of the cargo you plan to carry will greatly affect the practicality and fuel economy of your vehicle, which is why weight should be considered when choosing ute trays.


(3). Material

Usually, you will find that Ute trays are made of alloy, aluminum or steel, and your choice between these materials mainly depends on your needs and requirements and your lifestyle. Aluminum UTE trays are the cheapest choice of all materials. They are also lighter in weight. Alloy UTE trays are physically attractive, but they are not as reliable as aluminum in terms of the service life of the pallets. The aluminum frame is beautiful, light, energy-saving, and strong. It is the best material for ute tray. In addition, don’t forget to consider the surface color spraying of the tray, which will bring higher aesthetics to your ute.


(4). Availability of internal space

In view of the nature of your work, you will need to bring different tools and equipment, which is why it is important to choose UTE tray to provide enough space for your tools. In this regard, be sure to consider the number and size of tools, and then choose the perfect size tray.


(5).The purpose of ute tray

Determine the purpose of tray before making a decision. There are many types of Ute trays from Tanghan Metal. It is best to consider their possible uses, such as whether you need to transport animals, goods, fruits/vegetables or heavy commercial equipment. It would be ideal if the tray has a roof option, but an optional tarp is also great. If you want to transport pipes or building materials, then your tray must have a ladder frame to help you place items.


(6). Easy to install

Please also pay attention to the installation process of the tray, if you want to install it yourself, please pay more attention. Installing a UTE tray can be a difficult process because it is a large and heavy device, and you may need someone’s help during installation. Before purchasing, please ask the manufacturer for the complete installation process of the product. If you need installation assistance, please consult a professional.